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- A "Hunter" daughter -

This little bitch is shown by a 14 year old in Winnipeg - who does the grooming! She has multiple group placements and 9 points.

Name: Cerridwen Sorceress Morgana
Breeder: Darlene Literovich
Owner: John Khaled Fayed



Stark pup
The Stark's Account of Remy

Remy is a fine fit for this family. She had a great time in the past winter stealing the kid's mittens if the opportunity presented itself. For the longest time she would stay alongside me on laundry days hoping to snatch a sock or two. Just today she foraged her way into a bog on the floor in the hall and took off with a loose ball of wool (which was unravelling as fast as she was running).

What a fast dog! She would do laps around our back yeard from time to time and until I put up small garden fences she had wiped out my impatiens twice and really did a number on my wild ferns. She was pretty good with the garden but has a thing for tomatoes (even green ones). Once October came and I wasn't harvesting the green tomatoes she took it upon herself to start collecting the fruit. We would often find two or three tomatoes lying on the grass or deck.

She has been so patient with the children, I often think she isn't a normal terrier. Mitchell (our 5 1/2 year old) loves her fiercely, In fact he wakes up in the morning and has to see her and kiss her before I can get a hug or kiss from him - same thing at night. He can try my patience and the dog's too, but she has been so good with him and has never nipped or really even growled. With Benjamin and Amy, she likes to cuddle up with them ont he floor as they watch T.V.

Last year for Christmas we had the livingroom barricaded so she could not get to the tree. This year as she has run of the house we will have to see how she manages to stay out of trouble with the tree and gifts. There won't be gingerbread or edibles on that tree!

We hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for sharing this dog with us - she is really part of the family.

- Julie Stark

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