Home kennel CYMRO is a small, in house kennel, located in the central Canadian grainbelt in the town of Asquith, thirty kilometers from Saskatoon, SK

It all started in the spring of 82 when Bryn, my first Welsh, arrived from Trevor Evans of the Bryn Hafod Airedale kennel fame. Even at eight weeks of age, she quickly led me to believe this was the breed I wanted to be associated with.

When I contacted Bardi McLennan in my search for show/breeding stock, I was fortunate in my timing. She was in the process of bringing her twenty-five year breeding program to a close. In the fall of 84, Powys joined me, followed by her half brother, Toby in the spring of 88. These two dogs, together with Bardi's mentorship have molded CYMRO into what it is today, a kennel dedicated to producing Welsh Terriers with sound minds and bodies.

Two years ago, I made a change in my life style to allow me to spend more at home time with my dogs. I gave up working a nine to five style job, moved to a small town and started my own accounting service out of my house. True, my office usually has a Welsh splayed out on the floor right where I want to step when I get up and it occasionally hosts a whelping box in one corner, but it affords me the luxury of being there when I'm needed.

Because I breed for my own purposes - a new puppy to show or an addition to my breeding program, CYMRO only produces a litter or two a year. Sometimes an entire litter will be grown out for evaluation.

All CYMRO dogs are owner/breeder groomed, conditioned and handled throughout their show careers. While it is fulfilling to hang Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Best in Classic, Best Puppy in Classic and Group ribbons on the office wall, the most rewarding of all are the letters from clients thanking me for this marvelous, albeit sometimes frustrating, addition to their household.

That is what CYMRO is all about!