Over the years, we've seen articles and phamphlets outlining what the pet stock buyer should expect from the breeder. I would like to dwell on the other side - what I, as a breeder, expect from you, the pet stock client.

Complete HONESTY in answering the following questions about:
     - number of children and their ages.
     - whether or not you are expecting an addition to the family.
     - other pets that you might have, both indoors and outside.
     - facilities in terms of fenced yard, dog run, crate, exercise pen, etc.
     - what your hours of work are and how long the dog will be left on his own.
     - arrangements for when you have to go away and leave the dog.
     - your vet, maintenance of shots, teeth, coat and other costs.

In most cases, we know the requirements and individual personalities of each of our puppies far better than you, the buyer. If the above questions are answered honestly, we can then suggest the proper puppy for you in terms of size, age, temperament etc. No breeder wants to have to take a puppy back because the placement didn't work out. It isn't fair to the buyer or the breeder, but more importantly, it isn't fair to the puppy.

PATIENCE ! Very few of us set out to breed a litter for the pet market. We breed to replace breeding stock for ourselves and other breeders and for something to exhibit. Therefore, it may take us from ten weeks to ten months before we are sure which puppies in the litter will become available to the public as pets. This is especially true in rare breeds and ones that have small litters.

TRAINING responsibilities - the puppy is a new member to your household. It is up to you, the buyer, to make the effort to train the puppy to be a pet that is easy to live with and a credit to the breeder's program.

FEEDBACK to the breeder. How is the dog fitting into your household? Are there any health or temperament problems? We can help, only if you make us aware of a problem. Let us know as soon as one comes up - don't wait until it is difficult or impossible to fix. Your feedback enables us to make informed breeding decisions in the future.

Finally, the reliable breeder does the best he/she can to match the puppy to the demands of your particular household, but you, the buyer, must do your share to ensure that this is a long and lasting relationship.

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